A Message from the Paramount Chief

Earlier this year we received a letter of thanks from Madina’s chief, Paramount Chief Karifa Foro III. It is a tribute and thanks to all of our supporters and reads as follows:


I write to thank you, Cara Coweth family members, for moving my people from grass to grace. In fact, you are so close to us by deeds and in spirit that those big men and women who used to look down on us are presently envious of the ongoing development activities initiated by us and mostly supported by you. My people and I therefore will always remember all of you as our good friends and benefactors.

Without an iota of doubt, The Alan Biscoe Water Aid – Sierra Leone project has not only provided my people and the neighbouring communities with clean drinking water and improved health and sanitation but has been providing us with quarterly financial support for the purchase of diesel to facilitate the supply of pipe borne water to and for our inhabitants and other beneficiaries. At present you’re adding value to the ongoing projects by providing out Madina Town with solar panels to replace the generator and access us to regular supply of water to improve the lives of my people, including me.

Members of my chiefdom council and women, youth and children are very grateful to you and your partners in development for your humanitarian stance. Keep it up, and may God protect and enable us to give you a fitting welcome on your arrival to Sierra Leone to commission and hand over the project to us beneficiaries.

Once more, I do acknowledge with joy the biblical truth that it is more spiritually rewarding to give than to receive. This explains that as you continue resiliently to support my people and me with your hard-earned money to improve our standards of living and leave smiles on our faces, we – the project management committee members – owe it to God and our people to use the financial support for the purpose it is provided.

Despite the debt of gratitude we still owe you, my people join Father Daniel and me in praying earnestly for you in order that God continues to guide and protect you, as well as your strategic interests at all times.

My good friends, though you may now wish to use your funds to develop other communities, we will be grateful for you further support of Madina to complete the project. I take it for granted that together and with God’s blessings you can do it. May God bless us all!

I remain,

Yours in the service of God and my subjects,


Paramount Chief Karifa Foro III

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